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Press Release -- Mar 21/01
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EXEMPLAR Files Patent Application with CIPO and USPTO

EXEMPLAR Secures Canadian & U.S. Patents Pending

March 21, 2001 -- Toronto -- EXEMPLAR made an announcement earlier today that effective immediately it has secured a patent application with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office for an invention entitled: Anti-Theft Device for a Motor Vehicle.  The invention, which is to be marketed under the tradename: the "MOCK-1", is an affordable and easy-to-install device that deters auto theft by giving the appearance that a motor vehicle is equipped with a genuine security alarm system.  EXEMPLAR indicates that in accordance with a bi-lateral treaty between Canada and the United States, the United States Patent & Trademark Office will honour the March 21, 2001 Canadian filing date, provided a corresponding filing is made with them within 1 year.  EXEMPLAR's USPTO application will be forthcoming.

EXEMPLAR INC., a Canadian private corporation, conducts research and development of inventions and related intellectual property, for commercialization of a broad range of innovative consumer products.

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