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Press Release -- Feb 12/05
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Company Profile


EXEMPLAR Establishes New Internet Presence

EXEMPLAR INC.'s New Corporate Web Site

February 12, 2005 -- Toronto -- Earlier today, its founder and President publicly announced that EXEMPLAR INC. has established a new corporate web site [] on the World Wide Web for public access.  EXEMPLAR had previously contracted with Rogers Communications, who was responsible for hosting the former web site.  EXEMPLAR has now duly contracted with Microsoft Corporation, who is responsible for hosting the new web site on its proprietary electronic data network.  The President was quoted as saying: ... the newly developed web site provides us with a better on-line means to communicate, and to promote our corporate image and business model, with the public..  The new web site platform retains some elements of the old platform but incorporates new, more sophisticated features and is easily adaptable for future improvements.  Future developments may include an on-line shopping system whereby customers can order products directly from the web site.

EXEMPLAR INC., a Canadian private corporation, conducts research and development of inventions and related intellectual property, for commercialization of a broad range of innovative consumer products.

For more information, contact:

26 Marilyn Avenue
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M1S 1C1
Tel: (416) 272-9037


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