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Mock-1 Anti-Theft Device for
a Motor Vehicle


EXEMPLAR has researched, designed, developed, and is in the process of patenting, the Mock-1.  The Mock-1 is an anti-theft device, for a motor vehicle, designed to “mock” (or simulate) the operation of an LED warning indicator of a genuine OEM or after-market alarm system.  Once installed and activated, the Mock-1automatically flashes an LED on and off (only when the vehicle’s ignition is off), and thereby gives the appearance that the vehicle is equipped with a genuine OEM or after-market alarm system.

EXEMPLAR is pursuing the exclusive licensing or outright sale of its Mock-1 device to BMW.  The Mock-1 would be offered to BMW customers as either a manufacturer- or dealer-installed option.  This would provide BMW customers with an affordable alternative, to a costly genuine BMW OEM alarm system, for deterring auto theft.  The advantages of the Mock-1 over conventional alarm simulators are as follows:

  • Can be easily adapted for use with BMW’s existing pre-wired LED already pre-installed within all current BMW models, to cause the LED to automatically flash on and off, only when the vehicle’s ignition is off.

  • Will not affect the performance of any of the vehicle’s existing sensitive electrical and computerized systems and is in full compliance with all BMW OEM warranties.

  • The device itself is housed in a very compact case, installed underneath the dashboard such that it is hidden from view.

  • Low cost to manufacture.

  • Quick and easy to install, as it ties directly into the vehicle’s existing interior fuse panel assembly.

  • Doesn’t require additional batteries, i.e., draws very little current (approx. 30mA) from the vehicle’s existing 12V battery as its sole source of power.

  • Has a built-in fuse to ensure safe operation.

  • Can be easily adapted to control and adjust the LED’s flash characteristics, namely the flash’s intensity, rate and duration.  This enables the LED’s flash characteristics to perfectly simulate those of any brand (i.e., BMW) of OEM or after-market alarm system.

  • The device has a built-in on-off switch, such that it can be deactivated, if and when the vehicle is not in use for extended periods of time (e.g., should the vehicle be placed in storage over the winter months, etc.), to avoid any unnecessary (albeit minimal) power drain on the vehicle’s 12V battery.


Key Benefits

  • Affordable BMW manufacturer- or dealer-preinstalled option.
  • Draws very little power from the vehicle's existing 12V battery.
  • Incorporates a flashing LED that automatically flashes only when the vehicle's ignition is off.
  • Includes controls for adjusting the brightness, rate and duration of the LED's flash to ensure authenticity and high visibility.
  • Includes a sensitive fuse for safety.
  • Includes a convenient switch for disarming the device when not in use.
  • Housed in a compact case that is hidden inconspicuously within the vehicle.


The Mock-1 provides affordable security and peace of mind.”


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