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Blackjack: Basic & Advanced Strategies
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Blackjack: Basic & Advanced Strategies

Are you one of the literally millions of casual Blackjack players out there that loves to play Blackjack but is not sure how to play properly?  Are you afraid of embarassing yourself in front of other, more experienced Blackjack players?  Are you tired of just handing the casino your hard earned money?  Well, for the cost of a single average bet or a mere $20.00 CAD (plus applicable 13% HST and Paypal commission), you can receive a 31-page research paper (including an "Appendix A: Basic Strategy Table" as a handy reference during play), which provides basic and advanced strategies to learn to play Blackjack the way it was meant to be played.


Key Benefits

  • Learn the rules of the game and the procedures of play.
  • Discover why "doubling-down" and "splitting" are essential elements to your success.
  • Learn why purchasing "insurance" is ill-advised.
  • Appendix A consists of a colour-coded "Basic Strategy Table" that you can take with you for reference anytime you play Blackjack - no need to memorize complicated rules/strategies.
  • Learn about the finer points of basic strategies, including common pitfalls that should be avoided.
  • Discover which rules variations benefit you the most and which are detrimental.
  • Minimize the House's edge to an acceptable level.
  • Learn methods of card counting to even the odds or increase them slightly in your favour.
  • Become a knowledgeable and confident Blackjack player.



Description Price $CAD
Blackjack Research Paper $20.00
HST (@13%) $2.60
Total (excluding Paypal commission, which is the responsibility of the buyer) $22.60


Contact & Payment Options

We accept payment by way of Paypal or major credit cards (shown below).  Our e-mail address for service is:  Please be sure to indicate your e-mail address (as being your shipping address) so that, once your payment is confirmed, we can e-mail you the 31-page research paper and the Appendix A thereto.  NOTE: You will require a Microsoft compatible PC with Microsoft Word (or a compatible wordprocessor program) to access the research paper, and Microsoft Excel (or a compatible spreadsheet program) to access the Appendix A.  Please note that due to the nature of this material, all sales are final, and we can not grant refunds or exchanges.



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